Get Involved

We are a fan created and fan first convention trying to create an event for everyone to come and celebrate and learn about the online world of VTubing and other forms of virtual art and performance.

If your at the convention, 18 years old or older and want to help out, head to Con Ops to find out more information including how to get a refund on your membership!

Benefits available for on-site volunteering:

If you have purchased a membership through pre-registration or at-convention and want to volunteer with us, just ask! We’ll train you on the spot and no advanced training is needed. Conventions always need support at-con and people like you help make it happen! In exchange for your help, we can offer reimbursements for your badge.


Our only requirements are that you are 18 years and older and have purchased a membership already. Other than that, we need all the help we can get!


Assuming reimbursement for a standard, Magenta membership:

  • Volunteering for 6 hours will grant reimbursement of half the membership cost
  • Volunteering for 12 hours will grant reimbursement of the entire membership cost.
  • You can also choose to wave the reimbursement for a discount on next year’s membership

This policy applies as all-or-nothing: if you work 4 hours, while we appreciate your time, you cannot claim a partial reimbursement. A 10 hour commitment will earn a half-cost reimbursement.

Volunteers who purchase Red (sponsor) or Rainbow (supersponsor) memberships will only be comped at the rate of a Magenta membership. 

Purchases made with a credit card will be refunded online. Purchases made with cash will be refunded on-site.

Due to the proximity to the convention there are no longer any further convention assistance on hotel rooms for staff.