Meet & Greets

Ticketed Guests




Projekt Melody*

Fujikura Uruka

Rinkou Ashelia

Hakushika Iori

Pipkin Pippa

Tenma Maemi

Non-Ticketed Guests



Rules and Procedures

Ticketed Meet and Greets

All tickets for Meet and Greet events will be sold outside the Vendors Hall the morning of each guest’s scheduled Meet and Greet date.

* Tickets for Ironmouse and Projekt Melody will not be first come first serve and will rather be distributed through a lottery system the morning of the Meet and Greet. Details TBA.

Purchase includes a collectible art or autograph signature card listed above from the guest.

All Rainbow badge members will receive an email for priority ticket purchases and information on specific limitations. This priority/guarantee includes Ironmouse and Melody.

Please form a singular line in front of the point of sale.

Wristbands will be handed out to the purchasers of the Meet and Greet and are non-transferable.

Each attendee may purchase only 1 ticket per Meet & Greet. 

Please make sure to take care not to remove the wristband before the Meet and Greet. Any removed wristbands will be considered ineligible for redemption.

Some guests may accept gifts. We request all gifts be small and non-perishable. The guest representative may choose to reject the gift for any reason.

For questions and concerns reach out to

Non-Ticketed Meet and Greets

Please form a line in the designated area outside the Meet and Greet room. Wristbands and tickets are not required.

All non-ticketed Meet and Greets will be first come first serve at the discretion of the individual guest.