Arcade & Game Room

No convention is complete without a game room. Which is why we are super hyped to be working with GameSaru
who will be running the arcade at OffKai Expo 2022 filled with plenty of everyone’s favorite Japanese arcade games.
We are also excited to be partnered with ChairGTables and Lame Dimension who will provide TVs and Console Games, and will run some tournaments.

Times and the detailed schedule will be posted as the con approaches. Watch our social media for updates!

Arcade Cabinets by GameSaru

WACCA, maimai, CHUNITHM, Sound Voltex, Groove Coaster and more will be available to play at OffKai Expo 2022!

Detailed list of all available cabs will be available closer to the convention.

powered by GameSaru

Video Game Tournaments By Lame Dimension

LAME Dimension is an indie game development team that strive towards the heart of games: its players. In their efforts to understand what makes games enjoyable, they spent years providing tournaments and streams for conventions and events to enhance the spirit of competition and community. With LAME standing for Let’s All Make Entertainment, their research for fun will always increase the hype for any event, including Offkai Expo since part of the team are VTubers themselves.

Tournament List

Sign up any time before the tournament before the listed start time on or at the tournament table in the game room.

Tournament registry link here:

Friday- April 29th 2022

5:00 PM Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 (Swap Rules)

10:00 PM The King of Fighters XV

Saturday- April 30th 2022

12:00 PM Super Smash Bros Ultimate Singles

6:45 PM Guilty Gear Strive

9:45 PM Beyblade Burst (Beyblades can also be provided)

Sunday- May 1st 2022

11:15 AM Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

1:45 PM TEKKEN 7