About Us

Company Profile OffKai

OffKai is a California registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. We are a group of friends, fans, and convention runners from many different fandoms working together to hold this event.

Our mission is:

To further public understanding and education about the digital and virtual arts subculture, including technology, history, visual and virtual performance art.

For the education of the digital and virtual arts through conferences, workshops, and collaborative spaces that inform and educate on tools, techniques, and skills related to the creation of virtual arts and entertainment.

Notable Members and Board

James "Lysander" Chang

President & Director of OffKai Expo 2022

James is an avid conventioneer since high school and quality control engineer and manager in a past life. He has been involved with running conventions for the past 12 years from the lowest level gopher checking badges up to multiple different executive level positions in multiple conventions including other first year conventions. His interest with VTubers started with Kizuna Ai, but was drawn in over 3 years ago now with Hololive and NIJISANJI clips and quickly began spending many a sleepless night watching and has just been digging deeper and deeper since. With the explosion of English popularity and his love for the extensive community that has built up around it, he started on the journey to create this new convention a year ago.

"Rat" Hanni

Vice Director, Art Director & Secretary of OffKai Expo 2022

Rat is a digital artist and seasoned creator who provided art assets for and staffed at several conventions over the past 10 years and has sold merchandise at even more. From helping build first year conventions to attending massive events, Rat is no stranger to the convention scene. Coming from the anime idol fandom, Rat found a comfortable home in the VTubing community cheering for the girls at live performances and keeps being pulled deeper into the rabbit hole.

Marie "Moo" Sobieski

Hotel Liaison, Board Member of OffKai Expo 2022

Marie is an intellectual property attorney and longtime convention staffer at events throughout California. She is new to VTubing but eager to learn more and help out the growing community.

James "Shy" Tantum

Treasurer & Operations Director of OffKai Expo 2022

James comes to the OffKai board with ten years of convention leadership experience for various other fan-run, nonprofit conventions. He’s passionate about convention operations and IT. By day, James works on DevOps at a large technology company. Although new to the fandom, his YouTube algorithm has already been taken over completely by VTubers.